graphic designer
art director
creative director
production artist
technical writer
production manager
mock up artist
presentation specialist
packaging designer
product designer
instructional designer
traffic coordinator

web designer
flash designer
flash developer
front end developer
UI/UX designer
multimedia designer
3D animator
motion graphics artist
content strategist
content writer
web developer
interactive art director
interactive project manager
interactive creative director
interactive developer
web producer
information architect
web content administrator

account coordinator
account manager
account supervisor
account director
media buyer
project manager
brand / product manager
marketing manager
marketing strategist
market researcher
consumer insights manager
data analyst
database / CRM manager
web analyst
SEO / SEM manager
online marketing manager
digital strategist / CMO
marketing director / CMO
account executive
production coordinator


smartdept. inc. is a creative and marketing talent resource agency with offices in Seattle and Chicago, as well as a growing national presence. We provide companies with freelance, contract, direct hire and contract-to-hire candidates. Our ability to service customers of all sizes, while still taking a boutique approach to service, allows us the best chance to cultivate the successful relationships we value.

Freelance and Contract Assistance
Whether you need added support during your busy season, for special projects, to cover a maternity/medical leave, or just to fill the gap while hiring, we can help. In addition, some of our best relationships have been developed through VMS and MSP opportunities.

Direct Hire Search
We’re also here to save you from making expensive job posts, screening resumes and conducting endless interviews with candidates who are “just trying to find themselves.”

Based on a detailed description of your criteria, we search for talent with the skills, experience level, personality, salary and benefit requirements, and career goals you want. Our search is on a contingency basis, and applies only if you hire a candidate we identify for your needs. Our placements even come with a guarantee.

Contract to Hire
If you decide one of our talent is a good fit for your company, by all means, hire them. This works out great for everyone because the longer a candidate works, the bigger the discount on the conversion fee. High fives all around!


Industry Experience
Our management team boasts (we’re not ones to brag, so “represents” is probably a better word) more than 45 years’ combined staffing experience. So there isn’t anything we haven’t seen. Yep, seen that too. Also, since the company was started by creative professionals, we still place a heavy emphasis on hiring creative people internally. With the possible exception of our HR Generalist, Angi. But she likes sports, so it’s cool.

Great Minds
Our detailed matching process lets us really get to know everything about our talent – their short- and long-term goals, strengths and weaknesses, food allergies, amateur cat videographer hobbies, you name it. So when you present us with your criteria, we can provide the most ideal candidate, not just the most available one.

We’re Accessible
Ridiculously so. Let’s say your deadline gets pushed up and you suddenly need additional help tomorrow morning. And you found out at 10 p.m. tonight. Chances are we can make that happen. We have before.

A Boutique Approach
This does not mean we’re snooty and have valet parking. It’s a fancy way of saying we have time for you. No assistants, no chance of your account being passed around to somebody new who doesn’t understand your needs. No automated phone systems. Unless you count the cool speakerphone in the main conference room.