Content Marketing Manager

Issaquah, WA
Posted May 15
If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to

Our client is looking for an experienced content marketing professional who understands B2B and B2C omnichannel digital marketing and content marketing on a contract-to-hire basis! The ideal candidate is well versed on the strategy & analytics side of content marketing and has a strong understanding of how to distribute content. The role will be a full rounded mix of modern Content Ideation, Development, Management, and Distribution.

This position is a 1-year contract with a high potential to convert at or before completion of that contract

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Together with the internal marketing team, you’ll create a written formal plan for content marketing strategy in 2018 and beyond, including processes, metrics, test & learn cadence, infrastructure, reporting, and a framework for prioritizing different persona + buyer journey content.

• Work with existing content assets—which are many—internal content resources, and 3rd party content creation resources to prioritize, define, and create the content you’ll need most to be successful and which will wrap into a larger strategic initiative/theme.

• Short term, identify the “lowest hanging fruit” and quickly produce the content that members require to convert. Accurately diagnose and fix what isn’t working and using behavioral metrics to support the changes. Longer term, create a 1-2 year strategy, solicit stakeholder feedback, and present your plan to the Marketing Director.

• Create a “Content Marketing Dashboard” to guide daily/weekly/monthly optimization and a distilled executive dashboard to regularly show upper management.

• Work closely with digital marketing channel owners to understand content needs, opportunities to improve existing content, and prioritize the work. When the status quo is outgrown or insufficient, make a compelling case to change it.

• Work with internal Marketing to identify the core brand messaging and develop the big-picture understanding you’ll need to ensure content is deployed over agile and resonates with the Members on a timely basis.

• Work with Advanced Analytics to understand how to build and deploy data-driven growth tactics, and then optimizing those tactics to drive conversions across all Services.

• Stay in close contact with Field Marketing so that you’ll understand what in-store content exists already, dependencies, overlaps and to ensure the messaging is holistically deployed across the omnichannel environment (in-store and digitally).

• Seek opportunities to weave and couple content created/driven by other teams, advocate for its inclusion and craft solutions that bridge various departments and Service Providers.

• Develop searchable, SEO parameters to build into the content. SEO will be based on intensive keyword research, rank potential, link equity and iterative testing.


• 3+ years working in content creation and content marketing, from hands-on work to management work (including agency management).

• 3+ years in working directly or indirectly with key digital marketing channels. Examples include but are not limited to email and email automation, SEO, PPC/SEM, display/retargeting, and social media.

• Acuity with the strategy, tactics, metrics, and best practices for growing top funnel vs. middle/bottom funnel and the different role content plays at each stage.

• Proven record of working across multiple stakeholders, multiple departments, and multiple digital channel owners.

• Track record of responsibility for large content budgets and implementing the editorial processes, calendars, and metrics to manage/optimize them.

• Experience with an agile “test and learn” culture, especially as applied to content, being especially adept at learning what content works best through testing and iteration.

• Experience owning a content marketing dashboard, taking action based on it, and explaining takeaways (including corrective action) regularly to working teams and executives.

• Excellent communication skills, especially in writing.


• 3+ years working in Google Analytics and other analytical tools like Moz, HotJar, ClickTale, Site Catalyst, Qualtrics, OpinionLab, Tableau, NewsCred.

• Prior experience working within a 3rd party vendor ecosystem, managing and syncing 3rd party applications into a universal Tableau dashboard.

• Demonstrated ability to routinely rank content on the 1st page of Google with head, body or long tail keywords.

• Familiarity with agile workflow applications and methodology and building agile editorial calendars and production schedules.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to