Project Manager

Lincolnshire, IL
Posted April 03
If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to jaime@thesmartdept.com / nina@thesmartdept.com.

The person in the Delivery Consultant role will work as part of a larger team to contribute their project management and technical knowledge to deliver client-facing communication related to employee benefits materials. Projects can consist of multiple types of media, which may include print, web, and Flash. Assembly and mailing or distribution of materials is often required and may involve multiple versions of kits with complex assembly requirements. He/She can expect to work on more than one client and client project.

This Individual should be able to demonstrate past experience in managing complex print, assembly, and/or multi-media campaigns for large audiences (100,000+). They should also have past experience in working with creative design departments, proofreaders, content developers and outside suppliers. They will also be expected to work directly with clients as required.

He/She should be able to demonstrate past experience in the skill-sets and responsibilities listed below.


Demonstrate a high degree of professionalism in dealing with clients and large project teams.

Develop and maintain detailed multiple project schedules for projects running anywhere from three to six months in length.

Develop, track, and adjust detailed project budgets for all project aspects including deliverables, outside suppliers, and consulting time.

Coordinate and traffic deliverables between content developers, the creative design team, proofreaders, clients, and the larger internal team.

Document changes in scope and open issues and work with the larger team to resolve them.

Maintain clean, up-to-date documentation on all project aspects while juggling multiple projects.

Manage print projects, including proof review/approval. May also attend press checks for a wide range of printed work.

Manage multi-media projects.

Develop and manage/execute complex assembly procedures (including assembly checks) in accordance with prescribed assembly standards and data privacy requirements. May also educate teams and clients on potential risks and prevention strategies when necessary.

Recommend delivery methods and monitor shipping or mailing to ensure/confirm delivery.

Work with the larger team to monitor quality for all media to ensure accuracy and that established expectations are met.

Advise the larger team regarding print and/or assembly alternatives including identification of lower-cost solutions when required. (e.g., online distribution vs. printing/mailing)


Active listener – Listens and actively contributes as appropriate to discussions with teams and clients during the course of the project.

Nimble and resilient – Able to respond quickly and effectively to rapidly changing situations and priorities. Bounces back quickly from setbacks and helps others do the same. Exhibits flexibility and is calm under difficult circumstances.

Problem solver – Able to anticipate and/or identify potential issues in production/design and partner with others to develop solutions before the need arises.

Strong interpersonal and organizational skills – Seen as a strong team player as well as an individual contributor. This person’s attitudes and organizational skills quickly establish credibility with teammates and clients.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to jaime@thesmartdept.com / nina@thesmartdept.com.