Senior Designer

Riverwoods, IL
Posted January 03
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This position provides creative thinking, ideation, leadership, concept development and functional graphic design expertise to the execution of marketing communications for assigned business lines. Projects include, but are not limited to, sales promotion, direct mail, print advertising, collateral (brochures, newsletters, posters, etc.), and presentation materials. Should possess a general understanding of design and implementation in developing emails, banner ads, landing pages, microsites, audio, video and motion graphics design and editing. Position requires one to be both brand and product knowledgeable with a solid understanding of assigned business lines and the ability to provide business partners (BP) with fresh, high stopping power communications that help create customers, sell products/services, and enhance the customer service.

Creative Development:

  • Partner with and support one's Creative Team in the conception, development, refinement and execution of strategy, on time, high stopping power creative that delivers on Creative Brief and BP's objectives.
  • Proactively seek information, clarification, and business and product knowledge. Become knowledgeable about your business lines.
  • Know your business objectives, your target demographics and psychographics, product benefits, advantages, unique selling points, obstacles to sale, competitive activities.
  • Approach the work as if you owned the business (you do).
  • Understand and execute to the Creative Brief; ask the right questions of BPs and Customer Insights to ensure you have all available advantageous information to craft your sales propositions.
  • Be highly skilled in your craft and possess and apply a clear understanding of advertising, POS, and direct response principles, methods, techniques.
  • Align creative to the Company brand and help to inspire creative talent to produce fresh ideas and perspectives.
  • Help grow and expedite digital/interactive growth within internal creative agency.
  • Provide business partners with strategic creative thinking and informed opinion on initiatives and projects.
  • Manage your time and produce consistently appropriate and effective communications under tight deadlines.
  • Don't settle for the routine; stretch yourself by seeking fresh ways of communicating with appropriate wit and style.
  • Find ways to present expected information in unexpected ways - through novel concepts, copy and design.
  • Craft concepts that enhance the brand and distinguish our products from the competition's and clearly convey our products' advantages over the competition.
  • Utilize your functional graphic design expertise to craft creative that is free of errors in fact, style or presentation.

Leadership Responsibilities:

Is accountable for individual assignments and an element of work group's results.

Task Complexity:

Works on complex projects. Highly skilled with extensive proficiency. Tasks are varied and complex.

Decision Making:

Wide latitude for independent judgment. Develops solutions to a variety of problems of moderate scope and complexity. Refers to policies and practices for guidance.

Amount of Supervision:

Works independently, receives minimal guidance. Participates in determining objectives of assignment. Plans, schedules, and arranges own activities in accomplishing objectives. Work is reviewed upon completion for adequacy in meeting objectives.

Communication Skills:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to