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Sr. Project Manager


Chicago, IL
Posted April 30
If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to colleenf@thesmartdept.com.

The smartdept. inc. is in search of a Sr. Program Manager on behalf of our client, a global professional services company that provides risk, retirement and health consulting company, to Lead the Application Testing and Remediation Workstream for a Windows 10 migration Program globally.

Purpose of this role
• To coordinate the testing of some 1000 (CIO Risk) business applications across the globe on the new windows 10 build.
• To liaise with the Infrastructure and Operations teams to ensure that the standard build platforms are deployed into a test area that can reflect the environment each application will be used by the business.

Key success criteria. This role will be successful when:
• Each application must tested and deployment at the appropriate time
• To build a schedule confirming the timeline for testing each application
• To ensure all packages are consolidated and documented to ensure key information is captured
• To build realistic and actionable testing schedules
• The delivery mechanisms must be in place to allow the applications to be successfully tested
• To deliver back to the program team a complete list of applications and their testing status
• For creating remediation schedules for vendors where applications do not work on the build.

• Central location for the storage of the information gathered (e.g. SharePoint)
• Population of information across the key technology areas identified
• To work with internal and external teams responsible for migrating the applications in scope.
• This role is responsible for ensuring all the global applications are identified, owned, tested prior to migration, appropriately scheduled and migrated with the support of the local business units supporting the Windows 10 program principles
• Create and maintain a global project plan and track deliverables and milestones within the plan to track the migrations.
• Working with internal and external teams to ensure that the provisioning of the testing environments in the target environment is completed
• The role will be responsible for collating or chasing up the collection of key artifacts requested by the app migration factory – ie test plans, vendor details etc.
• The role is responsible for mitigating local risks and issues across all streams
• The role will be responsible for ensuring that there is a testing and execution plans for each application
• To track costs
• To track applications which may need to be re-mediated with the appropriate vendors
• To report into the Program team and work with the team when providing a realistic joined up plan for application testing
• To provide high level plans for management review.
• To facilitate an accurate data capture
• To set up regular meetings and updates with the local teams
• To maintain a risks and issues log for the in country migrations
• To escalate any critical issues within the program team.
• To provide ongoing updates to management on status
• To ensure CMDB/APM is kept up to date.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to colleenf@thesmartdept.com.