What are Flash and Actionscript? Here’s Wikipedia’s definitions:

Here are a few online resources people are talking about (courtesy of a discussion at the Flash Freelancers group on LinkedIn.com):

  • youtube.com: Youtube has some great instructional videos, you can watch someone actually using the software, not just read about it. Search Youtube for ‘learning flash’ or similar.
  • actionscript.org: there’s a whole archive of tutorials and reference files, and a big forum. People have always been very helpful to people posing questions (just be through and precise when you ask questions).
  • gotoandlearn.com: (video tutorials, forums with great resources)
  • kirupa.com
  • Lynda.com: It’s $25 per/month but well worth it.
    Here’s a one day free pass: http://www.lynda.com/promo/freepass/Default.aspx?lpk35=240
  • google.com: search google for AS3 for a list of resources
  • video2brain.com: Flash training by DVD from video2brain at http://www.video2brain.com/en/
  • flashexplained.com

Hopefully that helps! Now get crackin!