smartdept. inc. opened on January 14th, 2002. Creatives themselves, Eric and Michelle Pairitz, set out to find better opportunities for their like-minded peers. Nearly two decades later, their boutique approach to service and passion for the creative industry is still producing positive results.


Michelle started in graphic design and soon landed a role as a recruiter and loved it. With 20+ years of creative staffing experience, some of the smartdept. inc.’s biggest clients started off looking for work through Michelle in the beginning. Michelle is also mom to four girls and painter of potentially famous artwork. She loves to travel, listen to Grateful Dead, and cook. Foods she will wrestle you for include pretzels and cheese.

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Eric is a graduate of the Ringling School of Art and Design and worked as a print designer in healthcare before beginning his now 20+ year career in creative staffing. He is a water-skier, runner, and rabid Cubs fan. His best sports achievement would have to be hitting a home run during Cubs fantasy camp. Dad to four beautiful daughters, he is also very used to being outnumbered. And his baseball card collection is probably better than yours.

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