With 20+ years of experience in our niche, we consider ourselves experts in staffing and employment. What else can you expect when working with us? It’s not enough to be just a subject matter expert, so here’s something more…

We are a Value-Based Organization
We’re different from traditionally structured companies. Obviously! Value-based organizations (that’s us) strive to create a culture of shared values among all employees. As a VBO, smartdept is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment that has a core focus on diversity, equality, inclusion, belonging, and sustainability. Through conversation, education, and action, we work together to achieve our work-related goals while instilling these core values in each other, our candidates, and our businesses partnerships.

Our WBENC Certification
A WBENC Certification is the most widely recognized and respected national certification for women-owned businesses in the U.S. Yes, it’s cool! And through certification, women-owned businesses (again, that’s us) gain access to a vast network of support, including targeted business opportunities for certified women-owned firms, increased visibility in corporate and government supply chains, education, and development programs to spur growth and increase capacity, and networking and mentorship opportunities with thousands of women entrepreneurs and those who support them. Working with a certified WBE allows you to build relationships with other certified alliances. And by working with a woman-owned business, you show your company’s commitment to working in diverse markets and furthering economic growth.

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging
A thoughtful DEI&B strategy aligns with your overall business structure and the understanding that customer experience and inclusion are equal. We’re nothing if not thoughtful. In fact, with the creation of our DEI&B TEAM, we support one another through conversation, education, and action, exploring topics like pronouns, awareness of unconscious bias, and protected classes. As smarties, we’ve adopted a remote/hybrid workstyle that enables us to hire more diverse staff and expand our recruiting footprint. Adopting this strategy for our customers allows for consideration of talent outside their market and offers more diverse communities for recruiting. At smartdept. we believe being inclusive means taking your customers’ needs, goals, and motivations to heart. Don’t you?

Sustainability is here to stay! And it’s not just planting a tree (although that would also be helpful). We believe a sustainability strategy is critical to our current and future success. We are committed to the conversation, education, and action centered around three critical components: profit, people, and the planet through our GREEN TEAM. A well-rounded strategy supports all three Ps! Another benefit to employing a sustainability strategy is that it aids in attracting top talent. Which is what we do!

Drop us a line if you’d like a list of like-minded companies that we enjoy partnering with or if you want to hear more about our DEI and Sustainability strategies.