If you work for a company long enough, you see a lot of colleagues come and go. In some cases, their brief stay can have a lasting impact.

Recently, I said goodbye to a beloved coworker and former boss who left to pursue new career interests. She was here for less than three years—I’ve been here for 10—but during her short tenure, she made a very big impression on me. Her management and editing style was stronger and more inspiring than that of anyone I had reported to previously, and under her guidance, I saw my career ascend to a much greater level.

Later, when I moved to the small-business section, this person’s role morphed into that of a trusted colleague, and eventually, even a friend. I would frequently turn to her for career and personal advice, and she always came through with a heartfelt answer. I know I’ll stay in touch with her via email, the phone and occasional lunch dates, but her absence in the office today is impossible to ignore.

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