It’s tough to add tasks when you’re in the middle of a job search, but prioritize workplace culture fit. When you’re going through the interview process, a recruiter or hiring manager has three possible contexts for evaluating you – resume, personality and ‘fit’. Each is important in landing – and keeping – a job that translates to your career. Turn the notion of culture fit to your advantage by conducting a ‘culture audit’ of every prospective employer you speak with. It’s a very empowering exercise if done correctly.

Culture is one very important way in which employees describe where they work. It underlies their understanding of the employer’s business and helps employees orient themselves in the organization. I see plenty of company leaders who don’t think that building a differentiated company culture will lead to success and eventual talent retention. Nevertheless, from the recruiter’s side of the desk, a company’s culture attracts talent, and talent is what separates winning companies from also-rans.

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