As the high school and college graduates of 2011 head out into the world (or back to their parents’ homes, as the case may be), one could forgive them for feeling a bit confused. On the one hand, they’ve just been told at commencement exercises that the world is theirs to make and shape, that they should follow their dreams and passions, and that they are our hope for the future. On the other hand, they’ve also been told that the job market is dismal, that they’d better get serious about picking a place to live and a field where they can find a job, and that they’d better not set their expectations too high. 
Don Peck, deputy managing editor at The Atlantic, wrote a piece earlier this year listing the obstacles facing graduates in poor economic times and cautioning them about taking time in their early- and mid-twenties to explore instead of getting serious about a career. “The window for getting onto a good track, arguably, is narrower than it used to be,” he said.
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