You may or may not have heard about Google+. It’s the search giant’s answer to Facebook, and it’s hoping to take over the social networking world. It’s very “insidery” right now — since it’s only in Beta. To join, you have to get an invite from someone who’s already on. The site’s creators are obviously hoping Google+ will do to Facebook what Facebook did to MySpace.

That’s all very well and good for rabid social networkers, but if you’re a job seeker and that golden Google ticket pops up in your email box, sent by one of your friends, family members or connections, will it actually help you get a job? Yes and no, according to a little exploring on the site.

The Pros

Since it’s an elite group, it might help you in a job interview to mention that you’re on Google+. If the person interviewing you is not a member, there would be a certain amount of prestige involved in sending them an invite.

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