With more job stress than ever resting on your shoulders, it may be tempting to leave – either quitting or being fired – in a blaze of glory, giving everyone who made you dread going to work a piece of your mind. But experts say that while it may feel good at the time, it’s not your best career move.

“It’s never a good idea to be a public flameout, unless you’re going for a career in reality TV,” says Chandlee Bryan, community manager at StartWire, a company that develops online recruiting tools. “If you want to be Snooki, it’s probably a great way to quit.”

News travels fast

The main reason to leave a job graciously is that you never know when you’ll need assistance from your former boss or want to come back and work for your former employer. Dan Ryan, owner of Ryan Search & Consulting, says it’s better for the company to be able to re-hire you, too.

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