You’re out of work, you can afford to keep looking and you just got a job offer that can best be described as, eh. What do you do?

The answer the follows is long and filled with advice from experts that essentially say that as long as you can afford to say no, you should turn it down. They caution that with a lower level, lower paying job you won’t be able to put as much money in your 401k, future raises and promotions will be based off the lower salary and you may hate it so much that you’ll quit in 3 months, making your resume even worse than it is now.

Seriously?  Are we such a nation of whiners that career experts are telling people not to accept jobs on the fear that they will hate them so much that they’ll quit after 3 months, without another job lined up?  If you are such a whiner, I have no sympathy.  I tend to go back to the idea that they call it work because it’s, you know, work. 

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