You’ve got meetings to attend. Deadlines to meet. Errands to run. It’s hard to grow your career and expand your abilities in the midst of your daily grind, but if you don’t take the initiative, no one’s going to do it for you. Whether you feel like your career development is lagging or you’re chugging along nicely but want to give yourself that extra edge, here are a few steps you can take to make sure your career continues on the path to greatness.

Find a Career Coach, Mentor, or Buddy

Aside from the kind of coach who wears the eponymous short shorts, coaches of other sorts get kind of a bum rap. You’ve graduated from high school/college/grad school. You have a job. Maybe you’re even the boss now, or at least expert enough in what you do that you don’t need anyone telling you what to do most of the time. Most of us consider ourselves beyond the need for coaching.

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