Are you “creative,” “organizational, and “effective”? If so, your résumé might also be in need of a makeover.

LinkedIn, the social networking site for people with business cards, has released its list of the year’s most overused professional buzzwords, culled from the profiles of its 135 million members. As one might expect, they’re all terms that sound awfully nice but say almost nothing specific about a person. They’re the type of terms that are roughly the equivalent of listing “showing up to work” in your skills section. (Note: This might be a bit rough to read if you are one of the people using these words, but we all need a little tough love sometimes.)

For example, dynamic is at number 10. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, its primary meaning is “of or pertaining to force producing motion: often opposed to static.” So by using this word, you have literally told your potential employer that you are adept at not being stationary. You are the type of person who does things and moves from place to place.

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