You’ve probably heard too many times to count that “in this economy, you should be happy to have any job at all.” Perhaps that’s true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to find something better if you hate the job you’ve got. Here are a few things you can do this weekend to prepare to make a positive shift in your work life.

Update That Resume

Before you set out to apply for a new job, you’re probably going to need an up-to-date resume. It’s easy to let resume updating slide while you’re employed because you have a job and it isn’t the most fun thing to do. Fortunately there are some tools to make it easier to get started and make sure it’s in top shape.

First things first, if you don’t want to figure out the exact formatting of your resume and other tedious tasks, Resunate is a service that’ll simply take your information and create a resume tailored to the type of job you want. If you’ve got a LinkedIn profile, you can also use the LinkedIn resume builder to save yourself the hassle of reassembling that information. If you want something a little different, can create an infographic out of your work experience.

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