Design isn’t just wire frames or visual style; it’s about the product as a whole, writes Sahil Lavingia.

“Designers, designers, designers” has become the new “developers, developers, developers.” Witness the ever-growing list of job postings for product designers, UI designers, user research designers, UX designers. They’re posted faster than I can read them. Someone needs a “senior design champion” (versus a normal design champion?), while another is looking for a “catalyst of creativity.” Designers are becoming the new hotness, just as front-end engineers blew up job boards when businesses started taking the web seriously. We need a designer. You need a designer. We all need designers.

I agree, we all need designers. But I’d argue that we already have them. They’re us: you and me. Design shouldn’t be designated a specific function or industry. The discipline is just as fundamental as technology and profit are to a business that it doesn’t need to be isolated to a single role. It should be considered part of every role.

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