I read an interesting piece here on Forbes this morning entitled “If You Want to Build a Great Team, Hire Apple Employees.” Really? If only the complexity of talent issues were as simple as raiding the employee ranks of Apple…While the author made some great points about outcomes produced by the discipline and rigor of the hiring process at Apple, making the assumption hiring Apple employees could universally solve the talent woes of other organizations is wishful thinking at best.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Here’s the thing – just because someone has succeeded at Apple doesn’t mean they’ll realize the same success in other endeavors. Likewise, just because someone has failed in a previous position doesn’t mean they might not end-up being a top performer in another company. Sure, Apple has some great talent, but it’s talent identified, recruited, hired, and developed for the vision and culture at Apple, which may not be at all compatible with those of a different organization.

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