Throughout the history of innovation and entrepreneurship, the most profound achievements havenʼt necessarily been marked by victories of technology on its own, but rather the ability to connect that technology to people in a deeply human way.

The underlying story is most often that connective tissue between the two.

People are innately narrative creatures. Dating back to the cavemen and the petroglyphs, we have recorded mundane events, moved nations to war, fallen in love, treated disease, created religion, and affected pretty much every other element of the human condition, in one way or another, through storytelling.

For this reason, story has to be central in any attempt to innovate, or build a new enterprise more broadly. Yet it is far too often the forgotten and missing piece. Some engineers might tell you that building a better mousetrap is enough, but theyʼre wrong on that one. Whether forming a startup or working on an innovation team inside a big company, entrepreneurs ought to
integrate story into their creations from the very outset, because thatʼs what ultimately moves people.

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