I recently interviewed two successful members of the entertainment industryfor upcoming profiles: Alison Deyette, a TV host, stylist, and lifestyle expert who appears regularly in segments on top network TV talk shows, and Judith McHale, longtime President & Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Communications, the parent company of The Discovery Channel.

Though their career paths couldn’t be more different, and Alison is in mid-career while Judith left Discovery several years ago, they each did something multiple times early in their careers which helped shape their success and which anyone can do at any career phase to help them get more opportunities and ultimately achieve more.

They stood up and raised their hands.

Alison’s career path is full of examples of her stepping forward, taking advantage of an opportunity, taking initiative, and saying what she wanted. As an editor for her college newspaper, she went to every cultural event and dined at every restaurant she could in order to provide reviews and garner journalism experience. She also interviewed many business leaders, government officials, and celebrities and got her articles published in business journals and other publications.

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