Searching for jobs is a daunting task for many, so it’s imperative your resume is in tip-top shape.

With 25% of human-resources managers receiving 50 resumes per job listing, competition is fierce, according to an infographic developed by NowSourcing, an Internet-marketing services firm.

Called “The Anatomy of a Great Resume,” it dissects the components of a first-class CV. The infographic encourages job-seekers to concisely summarize work experience, emphasize accomplishments and include key words such as “problem solving,” “leadership” and team building.” On the other hand, the infographic counsels against making spelling and grammatical errors.

Indeed, it says 77% of HR managers search for candidates with relevant experience, while 48% want information on specific accomplishments, and 41% look to see whether a resume is customized to an available position.

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