Job seekers who have been looking for new opportunities for months, or even years, are unlikely to spend a lot of time and effort evaluating a new offer before signing on the dotted line. If you’ve been searching for for a long time, you may not have the luxury to turn down an offer. But if you can afford to pass up an opportunity to wait for something that could be better, here are seven questions you should answer before you accept a new position:

1. How healthy are the organization’s finances? Especially if you’ve been laid off recently, the last thing that you want to do is jump into a situation where another layoff could be in the near future. Make sure you research the organization and review what the press has to say before you jump to join.

2. Is the location feasible, and may it change? Can you really handle a 90-minute commute in the morning? Is there a possibility that the company may transfer you to a different location in the near future, and how would that affect your work-life balance?

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