This past holiday season we had the chance to celebrate the holidays in unique fashion. Four members of our staff traveled from Chicago to Seattle and once again, we were accompanied by our good friend Darbie McCollian from Restore Decor. Darbie and I arrived in Seattle one day ahead of the group, grabbed a truck and started shopping. The following day, while the rest of our Chicago guests arrived, Darbie and I started “Office Crash Seattle”.

Redecorating an office from across the country is a difficult proposition. It requires planning, cooperation and good luck. Since it was nearly impossible to keep it a secret, we let our Seattle crew in on the job and benefitted when Meghann Kern volunteered her husband Steve to help us with the crash. We worked from sun up to sun down with the goal of having a newly decorated office ready to kick off our holiday party that night. It was truly a team effort with furniture being built, curtains being hung, canvases being stretched and pillows being fluffed. In the end we met our goal, celebrated the season and took Steve to see Pearl Jam at the Key Arena for his efforts.

On January 14, 2014, smartdept. inc. will celebrate 12 years as a creative staffing resource, an achievement that most would be proud to boast of. But as I think back on what we’ve all accomplished as a group, I can’t help but remember the faces on our Seattle crew as they walked in to see their new digs. Having the ability to make people happy is what I am most proud of. Please have a look at the finished Seattle office Crash.

Eric Pairitz

Principal at smartdept. inc.