So, how does a new company separate itself from its competition? The answer, for us, was to use out-of-the-box thinking to put ourselves in a position to finish ahead of our competition. Some ideas were simple, like contacting a client when we felt we had exhausted a search—letting them know the news, whether it was really great or not so much. Others were more involved, like offering our service 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you needed us, we were there—answering the phone after hours (not during dinner, of course), and never leaving you to wait until morning.

Thirteen years later, we’re still asking ourselves the same questions and applying the same out-of-the-box strategy to some slightly more complex issues. One idea that has come to fruition is the addition of a dedicated staff to service clients with needs in multiple markets. We feel that boutique style service can still be a realistic expectation, even when a client’s need expands beyond its geographic comfort zone.

Using available technology to meet, get to know, and qualify talent outside our local markets, smartdept. inc. has filled jobs in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Georgia, and even California. That’s right! We can place a GD in GA, or an AD in NY, all from our comfy little chairs in IL. Meanwhile, because we’re limiting points of contact and eliminating red tape, our clients are still receiving service as if it were at a local level (because it is).

So remember, the next time you find yourself wishing those cool folks at smartdept. could fill an open position to help out a wayward coworker you’re fond of… WE CAN.

And yes, you can still call us after hours to get it started.