Millennial’s coming to age, we all knew it would happen, but what does that mean for business and the creative candidate pool? Millennial’s are approaching a different stage of their life. They are at the age of settling down, moving away from the city to the suburbs to buy a home and plan for a family. Welcome to “Hipsturbia”! (Axios Cities)

While suburban growth decreased during the financial crisis in 2013, Millennials were just graduating college and migrating to big cities like Chicago, where jobs were concentrated. Now, suburban businesses get ready because the millennials are heading back! Suburban organizations of all sizes – start-ups, mid-size, and large corporations need to take the “if you build it, they will come” approach to attract and retain talent.

Millennials grew up in a time of rapid change, which has given them a different worldview perspective on how to conduct business and expectations of the ideal workplace. From the luxury collaborative culture of Google to the free breakfast and lunch buffets at Facebook. Suburban businesses are going to have to think like the big time city-biz and upgrade their work environments – “if you build it, they will come.” Here are 5 benefits/perks to attract and retain Millennials during the Hipsturbia wave.

  1. Remote flexibility/ flexible schedules
  2. Health Insurance/Dental Insurance/ 401(K)
  3. Vacation/paid time off/paid sick days
  4. Maternity/paternity leave
  5. Gym Membership or Wellness programs

Another adaptation of the Hipsturbia wave that suburban companies need to adjust is the speed in which they can identify top talent and on-board candidates. Millennials have taken the act of “ghosting” in dating to their professional endeavors. We are working with a candidate-driven market, Forbes stated: “businesses are reporting anywhere from 20-50% of applicants are pulling no-shows in some form during the hiring process, according to USA Today”. The creative talent pool is already shallow, multiple rounds of interviews and extending the process to longer than a week will present a challenge in winning over top talent against competing companies.


– by Heather Gouldsberry


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