Yup! A staffing resource that stays in its own lane (that’s us)! Let me ask, would you get your tall, dirty soy chai from your local florist? So why rely on a staffing resource to search for a role they don’t have expert knowledge of? smartdept’s “lane” is creative, digital, and marketing. And that’s it!! Here are a few reasons that we think staying in our lane is critical to our success.

1. Just Say No – Sorry Nancy, I stole your line! In this case, we aren’t promoting the 1980’s campaign that aimed to discourage kids from engaging in illegal recreational drug use. It means we won’t work on an opportunity outside of our niche. Why is this important? “Just saying no” will save you time and money. Searching outside of our niche takes longer because the candidates are not what we typically focus our efforts on. And we’ll have less knowledge of the job responsibilities and fewer (if any) qualified candidates already in our pool. Of course, if we have history and you really want us to, we might try a “casual” search. Most likely, we give you a referral.

2. Creatives Placing Creatives – Yes! We’ve been at this for 20 years, blah, blah, blah! We know stuff about staffing. But as a matter of equal importance, our team of smarties is chock-full of creatives. That means we understand the industry on a deeper and more personal level. This not only helps us connect with our candidates but our clients too. We catch those minute details that can make or break a successful placement. We can’t make your morning latte, but…

3. Ahead Of The Curve – For me, it’s like when the new version of Photoshop used to drop, and I’d have to get up to speed on the most efficient way to attach one thousand arms to a baby. Just trust me! We’re brushing up on the key commands, so you don’t have to. Creative, digital, and marketing are what we do, and we are laser-focused on changes in our industry. Our staff likes to read, and we talk to creative professionals about their experiences every day. This way, we’ll know what to do when the machines take over.

4. Grab Your Suit – Our pool is huge (and heated)! Staying focused on our niche allows us to more easily build the pipelines you need. More focus recruiting makes it easier for us to meet and qualify the top candidates in our niche. This, in turn, can lead to more options concerning soft skills, years of experience, and salary expectations. Additionally, our searches are nationwide, and if you can accommodate remote working, you can have the best candidate available from anywhere you like. So, jump in, the water is nice!

5. Diversity Focused In Our Niche – If your organization has diversity goals in place, we have something in common. All kidding aside, smartdept. inc. is passionate about diversity, equality, and inclusion. We recognize diversity, embracing a wide range of qualities and perspectives that each candidate brings, fighting against recruitment biases, and ensuring fair hiring practices. We’d love to help you reach your DEI goals.

If you’d like to talk more about the benefits of teaming up with a staffing resource that stays in its lane, drop us a line at hello@thesmartdept.com or if you see our truck passing you on the right, give us a honk! But make sure it’s one of those quick, friendly double taps and not a single long honk. You wouldn’t want us to get the wrong idea.