So here we are, a good 18 months in, and the water park is re-opened. But we can’t enjoy the lazy river because there aren’t enough lifeguards available to keep that attraction going. It’s frustrating! The need is there, but it’s not exactly lining up with people’s priorities because it’s still a bit scary out there. People are still concerned about the spread of the virus, and basic things like childcare and school are still a slippery slope. Some won’t come back or can’t come back, and others are looking for a change. What can you do?

Thanks to the pandemic, our current workforce is in the middle of a major shift. The new workforce has been slow to re-enter because, in some cases, they are being paid more on unemployment than at the jobs they were laid off from, and going back to work puts them at risk of losing those benefits. On the flip side, many individuals close to retirement are finding solace by an early exit. And LITERALLY, EVERYONE ELSE is taking steps to reevaluate whether or not their current role offers them the best combination of responsibilities, compensation, and work-life balance. Side note, did you know that so many teenagers overuse the word “literally” that Webster’s Dictionary has taken steps to change its definition to mean not literal?

Another gaping hole in employment left by the effects of COVID-19 is related to women. Did you know that 1 in 4 women left the workplace during the pandemic? Some left because their jobs were eliminated. Many other women left out of necessity to assume the role of caregiver, full-time. Anyone with school-age children can easily relate to the side effects of home or hybrid school. In total, nearly 1.8 million women left the workforce during the last 18 months. Many have not been able to re-enter the workforce.

Here’s a question for those who managed to avoid having a gap in their employment during the COVID-19 outbreak. Have you been busy? Duh, you’re thinking. This just in, the remaining workforce is being asked to do more than ever. The increase in responsibility has led to more hours dedicated to work and less time to find the help you need. Your reward for such dedication might include work fatigue, lack of focus, and a shift in work-life balance. A medal for your service; that wasn’t anywhere in my research. Sorry.

What’s the rub? You need help. But, you’re so busy you don’t have time to find it.

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