Save your golf clap. Boutique is just a fancy way of saying we have time for you. And over the last 18 very unique months, we’ve maximized our opportunity to learn about and grow with you through conferences, break-out sessions, Zoom calls, and phone calls. We’ve made time for prospective clients, clients, industry contemporaries, candidates, our own employees, and friends, too (we are boutique, after all). One consistent takeaway from these conversations is that you are looking for a true partner with specific knowledge of your niche to solve staffing-related issues. Even the MSP leaders we connected with spoke about a shift in viewing their partners moving forward. At smartdept. inc., we choose relationships over metrics. We have more successful placements because we take the time necessary to know the clients we serve and the creative, digital, and marketing professionals we represent.

Boutique is back (caviar, while you read, is optional)!

Why do we consider our service to be boutique? Well, it’s not about our size; it’s our approach! For one, we offer a single point of contact to our clients while everyone on our team has the autonomy to find qualified candidates for all of our open opportunities. Meaning our team works together (and is compensated together) to find the most qualified person for your need. Your mother might say, “many hands make light work.” Meanwhile, you will not be inundated with information because our progress is communicated to you through the Creative Account Manager who knows you. As a bonus, working collaboratively on all of our open jobs allows us to seamlessly train our entire staff on the ins and outs of your company, department, and opportunity. So, if something does come up, any one of us can keep moving in a positive direction.

Another difference-maker is the quality of our talent. Our detailed matching process lets us really get to know everything about our talent – that’s true! But our approach to relationship building allows us to continue to learn about our talent as they grow professionally. Heck, we will stay in touch with our smartdept. inc. candidates until they tell us not to. For example, we recently placed a talent (again) who has been signed up with our resource for nearly 20 years – that’s boutique!

What about pricing? What about it? Imagine if you could have the pricing offered by your favorite big box staffing resource and the knowledge and service of a niched boutique staffing resource. Ahoy paloy! Now you can!

Finally, the experience in our niche is second to none. The smartdept. inc. management team boasts more than 40 years of combined creative staffing experience. So there isn’t anything we haven’t seen. Yep, seen that too. In many cases, our experience extends beyond staffing in our niche and includes your company, as well as the candidates who have worked (and sometimes not worked) in your environment. It’s kinda like Cheers! Don’t you want to go where everybody knows your name?

To learn more about our boutique approach to creative, digital, and marketing staffing or discuss further our philosophies on service, pricing, vetting our talent, or our experience, please drop us a line at

Now you may golf clap (at your convenience, of course).