Tips to make the most of your face-to-virtual-face interview or presentation

Working remotely is gaining in popularity and becoming more accepted by the day. Even without the current conditions forcing us all to think differently. I believe companies and hiring managers alike will soon realize what I already know. If the job can be done remotely, your prospective employer will have the opportunity to hire the best choice in the country and not just the best choice in your geographical area.

If you’re interviewing over video (or even presenting), here are some tips to make the most of your face-to-virtual-face meeting. Hang on to this information because there’s a good chance you’ll need it.

  1. Be ready. Set up 10 minutes before the call to work out technical issues with your audio, video, and connection. (You can mute and turn off your video until 2 minutes before to assure yourself it’s working).
  2. Sit in a quiet, neutral area. Check your backdrop – try to minimize visual and audio clutter as much as possible to keep attention on you.
  3. Check your framing. Set the camera at eye level. Pick a well-lit, neutral background. Make sure your computer screen and camera are faced away from direct light. You want directional light towards your face, not coming from behind you.
  4. Dress professionally. Dress as though you were going to an in-person job interview. At least from the waist up 😉
  5. Turn off your phone or put it on DO NOT DISTURB (just as you would in person).
  6. Smile! Just as you would in real life, watch your body language. Sit up straight, talk articulately, interact as you would in-person.
  7. Be Prepared. Have your resume and key points you want to explain in front of you so that you stay focused, on track, and can point to specifics. Be ready to talk about the job, why you would be a good fit, and how your experience translates to this position.
  8. Have your portfolio ready. If possible, have an iPad or another device with your portfolio up (or be ready to screen-share) so that you can seamlessly walk the hiring manager through it and direct them to specific examples.
  9. Practice with a friend. People tend to look at their own video on the screen. Practice looking at the person and getting comfortable seeing yourself and looking at the camera.
  10. Roll with the punches. Much of this is obviously harder in quarantine, so if a child or pet wanders in, make the best of it. We can all relate right now, and being flexible and having a sense of humor is a great attribute for any job.

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